Who Should Play Amelia?

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Thanks to all of you who responded. We’ll let you know when we get the multi-million dollar contract.

Vote Summary

Actresses# of votes
Amy Adams1
Kathy Bates1
Kate Beckinsale4
Valerie Bertinelli1
Claudia Black2
Cate Blanchett4
Emily Blunt3
Sandra Bullock2
Helena Bonham Carter16
Glenn Close1
Celeste Coit1
Joan Cusak1
Geena Davis2
Judi Dench3
Minnie Driver17
Kate Duchene1
Jennifer Ehle14
Jodie Foster1
Jennifer Garner7
Eva Green1
Anne Hathaway1
Kate Hudson1
Holly Hunter1
Elizabeth Hurley1
Angelina Jolie1
Alex Kingston2
Kiera Knightly1
Sylvestra Le Touzel1
Miriam Margoles1
Andie McDowell1
Katie McGrath1
Helen Mcrory1
Idina Menzel1
Helen Mirren1
Bebe Neuwirth2
Gemma Redgrave1
Diana Rigg1
Julia Roberts1
Patricia Routledge1
Michell Ryan1
Laura San Giacomo6
Julia Sawalha1
Kristen Scott Thomas1
Marina Sirtis1
Maggie Smith1
Hilary Swank1
Tilda Swinton1
Catherine Tate1
Emma Thompson111
Rachel Weisz21
Kate Winslet49
Catherine Zeta-Jones16
Unknown Actress1