Interviews with Barbara

Articles about MPM

We list some of the articles below even though we do not have full text (or lack the copyright permission to include full text) for those who are interested. Please do not email us to ask for copies. We have included all the information for you, so that you may try locating them through your local library.

  • “Plotting with Nature,” Baltimore Sun, Home & Family section, page 5N, Sunday July 22. The article is about MPM’s garden and includes photos
  • Digging up Clues with Amelia Peabody (Emerson) – Reprinted with permission from the journal KMT.
  • Archaeology Magazine March/April 1999 “Murder They Wrote” by Amy Lubelski — an article about Agatha Christie and other “archaeological” mystery writers.
  • “Series Characters: Love ’em or Leave ’em,” by Elizabeth Peters, The Writer (v. 107, No. 4, p. 9 – April 1994)
  • “Cruising To the Rescued Treasures of Nubia,” by Elizabeth Peters, New York Times (Section 6, part 2, p. 50, Sophisticated Traveler Magazine – November 10, 1996)
  • “Don’t Call Her ‘Prolific’,” by Linell Smith, Baltimore Sun (Features, p. 1E – April 29, 1998)
  • “Pen Names Add up for Peters, er, Mertz,” by Nara Schoenberg, Rocky Mountain News, (Las Noticias, Ed. F; p. 8E – April 6, 1997)
  • “The Triple-Threat Mystery: Mertz, Peters & Michaels, the 45-Book Literary Sisterhood from Frederick,” by Sarah Booth Conroy, Washington Post (Style, p. F1 – June 11, 1989)
  • Archaeology Magazine March/April 2005 “Queen of the Novel” by Mark Rose.