Books of the Vicky Bliss Series

There are six books officially in the Vicky Bliss series — “officially” because the character of John Smythe appears in a book that predates the series, The Camelot Caper. Because he is such an important part of the series, that book is included here as well.

The cover of The Camelot Caper depicts a statue of a unicorn under a full moon.The Camelot Caper*

Jess Tregarth travels to England to meet her grandfather, and quickly realizes she is being pursued by mysterious villains for an unknown purpose. As she runs from these criminals [one of whom’s name is John :-)] she finds help from the most unlikely sources including a busload of would-be heroes, some modern-day Druids and a handsome author. Will she discover what the villains are after in time to foil their scheme?

The cover of Borrower of the Night shows a statue of a stag.Borrower of the Night

Vicky Bliss, a history instructor at a small midwestern college, sets off to Germany to discover a priceless religious shrine that’s been missing for hundreds of years. Her quest becomes a competition, but among her colleagues and fellow guests at the ancient castle where the shrine is hidden is a murderer, who will allow no one else to claim the prize.

The cover of Street of the Five Moons depicts a slender statue of a cat.Street of the Five Moons

When a masterful fake of a famous piece of jewelry shows up in a dead man’s pocket, along with an address in Rome, Vicky is off to Italy to investigate. While there she encounters forgers, nobility, and a dashing art thief with a healthy sense of self-preservation. Her suspicions of a criminal conspiracy put her life in danger, and test her intelligence and courage.

The cover of Silhouette in Scarlet features a shining statue of a housecat on a town street.Silhouette in Scarlet

A cryptic note from John Smythe (and the need for an overdue vacation) lead Vicky to Stockholm, where she is quickly surrounded by suspicious characters, with no one she’s more suspicious of than John Smythe himself. A possible long-lost relative may be the key to a hidden treasure, if Vicky can live long enough to find it.

The cover of Troan Gold centers a Trojan horse in a snowy mountain landscape with a castle in the background.Trojan Gold

A bloodstained envelope and a mysterious picture lead Vicky into a search for gold that supposedly disappeared at the end of World War II. This is a search John Smythe can’t resist, and a determined killer will do what’s necessary to make sure Vicky and John don’t succeed.

The cover of Night Train to Memphis centers an Egyptian sphinx in a Stetson hat. A train passes through the foreground.Night Train to Memphis

A cruise on the Nile is the lure for Vicky to help an intelligence agency solve a murder and stop a heist of Egyptian antiquities–and possibly capture Vicky’s on-again, off-again art thief lover, John Smythe. But jealousy clouds Vicky’s usually astute mind, leaving her distracted while danger lurks…

The Laughter of Dead Kings cover centers a pyramid. A second pyramid lurks in the background with a full moon overhead.The Laughter of Dead Kings

The heist of the century has taken place in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and John is a prime suspect. Even Vicky isn’t sure that her blue-eyed lover hasn’t fallen back into his bad old ways. Pursued by Interpol, the Egyptian police, rival gangs of thieves, and Vicky’s inquisitive boss, Anton Z. Schmidt, she and John set off on a wild chase to find the clever culprits and retrieve an extraordinary treasure.